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    2 years – 3 years

    2 years – 3 years

    Children in Toddler Classroom are curious and busy to explore the world by using their all senses.

    Children of this age acquire the skills to help themselves incredibly.
    Our curriculum is designed to support their early experience of learning and being independent in a nurturing and child-friendly environment.

    We believe that children learn through play, and the teachers encourage them to participate in whole class activities and small group activities in addition to free individual play.

    Our Favourite Themes

    • All about me
    • My family
    • Four seasons
    • Holiday celebration
    • Animals
    • Constructions
    • Community helpers

    Skills that children will learn

    1. Social Skills
    • Learn to communicate with others by using words
    • Learn to take turns
    • Learn to respect the materials I use and how to handle them

    4. Communicative Skills

    • Learn to talk in simple sentences
    • Learn to follow the instructions such as “clean-up” and “wash hands
    • Learn to express their feelings using simple words

    2. Self-Help Skills

    • Learn to clean up after playing
    • Learn to wash hands before/after eating
    • Start toilet training
    • Feed myself using utensils
    • Learn to dress myself

    5. Gross Motor skills

    • Climb on the playground equipment
    • Throw and kick a ball, jump and hop
    • Run and walk

    3. Cognitive Skills

    • Exercise the sequence of actions
    • Learn to categorize objects according to colors
    • Learn alphabets and numbers using games
    • Learn to identify my name

    6. Fine Motor skills

    • Hold crayons and paint brushes
    • Draw and color pictures and paste paper
    • Fix puzzles, connect and separate manipulative toys and build blocks