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Our Pretoddlers (Explorers) area is spacious, colourful, bright, airy and safe that any child would love to explore, play and learn.

Your child’s exciting day will be filled with sensory toys, messy play, rhyme time, exploration, talk, story time, music and movement, yoga, walks and lots of hugs.

The emphasis is on providing exemplary care with lots of play, adult interaction and tuning into the things that interest them and providing rich experiences which encourage continuous development across all areas.

Pre-toddlers classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviours in a sanitized and safe environment.

Teachers guide children to learn during daily routines and everyday experiences. By responding consistently to children, teachers help children develop skills in physical, social, emotional and cognitive developmental areas.

Our responsive care builds secure relationships with teachers and other children in a group. Children learn to play safely with limits and be guided in ways they behave. They are also engaged in playing with toys, listening to the stories, connecting with music and movement and exploring sand and water.

We invite you to visit GoldenSparks to know more and experience what makes our Pretoddlers programme and curriculum stand out.

Our Favourite Themes

  • Friendship
  • Giving and sharing
  • Seasonal themes
  • Holiday themes
  • My family

Skills that children will learn

1. Social Skills
  • Learn to share with peers
  • Learn to say “please” and “thank you
  • Learn to wait for my turn

4. Communicative Skills

  • Understand and follow simple directions
  • Use words and simple sentences to express my needs and feelings
  • Listening to music and sing a song to express emotionally

2. Self-Help Skills

  • Feed myself using hands and utensils
  • Learn to wash hands by myself
  • Learn to sit at the table when eating

5. Gross Motor skills

  • Run and walk
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Climb and slide on the slides

3. Cognitive Skills

  • Recognize similarities and differences of objects
  • distinguish myself from others
  • Name pictured objects in picture books

6. Fine Motor skills

  • Use crayons, pencils and paint brushes
  • Tear and paste paper
  • Eye-hand coordination with blocks and puzzle

In consonance with EYFS Statutory Framework, Early Learning Goals, Development Matters.