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GoldenSparks is a premier, family owned, local Day Nursery and Preschool based in the E16 neighbourhood covering Canning Town, Royal Victoria, Royal Wharf, City Island.

Our admissions process is rolling throughout the year, accepting kids as long as a seat is available. We have outstanding nursery facilities which we would love to share with parents. Scheduling and having a nursery tour are the first steps toward the application process.

Please fill out the enquiry form or contact us via phone or email to set up a nursery tourIf you have already decided to enrol your child at GoldenSparks Nursery and Preschool, please fill out the preliminary enrolment form prior to your nursery tour and kindly bring it with you on your tour day.

We only open up LIMITED spaces every term to keep the quality high and they are taken up fast. Hence please note that a space cannot be guaranteed until the enrolment form is submitted and processed.


At GoldenSparks Nursery we aim to make the transition from home to nursery to be as enjoyable as possible. Every child will be assigned a Key Person, who is the member of staff who will track your child’s progression and well-being at the nursery.

The settling-in period is usually 3 days from your child’s start date. The parents and the child visit the nursery for an hour per day slowly increasing the time up to three hours. It may be necessary to extend the setting-in period for some children.

While their child settles into the nursery, parents will spend time with the Key Person to agree a personalised plan for the child’s well-being, care and learning. The settling-in period allows the parent to get to know the team of nursery staff and feel comfortable about leaving their child in their care.

Once a child is happy to say goodbye to parents and join the Key Person, we feel that they are settled into the nursery and ready to start the attendance pattern that parents have requested.   PEACE OF MIND, GUARANTEED.