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3 years – 5 years

GoldenSparks Preschoolers (Pioneers) program concentrates on getting the child READY FOR SCHOOL… and the WORLD!

Our curriculum and learning in preschool starts to take a more structured approach with focus on approaching the world with curiosity and a building the foundations for a lifelong love for learning. The children at this stage need strong skills, confidence and yearning for independent thinking, problem solving, social skills, communication skills and growing understanding of the world and how it works.

Our Preschoolers programme concentrates on building the above in addition to creative and artistic senses, early literacy skills, mathematical reasoning and scientific curiosity. 

Through participating in new hands-on activities that balance between physical and academic development and exploring different constructive learning activities daily, children learn new communicative, social and problem-solving skills in our enabling and nurturing environment. Every child in our classroom grows with having and positive and healthy mind with their potentials.

We invite you to visit GoldenSparks to know more and experience what makes our Preschool programme and curriculum stand out.

Our Favourite Themes

  • Seasons
  • Holidays
  • Feelings
  • My family
  • Ocean life
  • Community helpers
  • Transportation

Skills that children will learn

1. Social Skills
  • Develop self control and consideration for others when playing and participating in activities
  • Experience confidence in myself and interest in learning
  • Learn to show appropriate behavior in situations
  • Identify different uniforms relating to professions
  • Learn to decide toys and appropriate tools on my own when playing and being engaged with activities
  • Identify people by gender

2. Self-Help Skills

  • Learn to take care of bathroom needs without assistance
  • Dress and undress independently
  • Tying shoes independently
  • Fold blankets independently
  • Find and put back my materials independently

3. Cognitive Skills

  • Recognize and pronounce sounds of letters from A to Z
  • Identify and be able to count to 20
  • Identify colors and shapes
  • Differentiate between smaller and larger
  • Develop concentration skills, attention span and memory skills
  • Begin to understand and learn new concepts

4. Language/Literacy Skills

  • Express my feelings verbally with using complete sentences
  • Name people, objects, actions and places
  • Describe actions taking place in the present
  • Trace words and numbers

5. Motor skills

  • Hold a pencil, marker and crayon properly and comfortably
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Display hand preference
  • Cut with scissors from one side of paper to another
  • Balance by using only one foot


Plus, extensive exposure to Specific Areas outlined in EYFS – Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Art and Design to get them READY FOR SCHOOL – in consonance with the EYFS Statutory Framework, Early Learning Goals, Development Matters.

Please visit us to know more about our Preschool Programme.