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You and your child are about to have an amazing and fun journey with us, however, if this is your child’s first school experience or he/she is a bit introverted, you might be a little concerned about separation anxiety that your infant/toddler/preschooler would go through at school.

And, it is heartbreaking leaving your child alone at school…

Usually a child exhibits separation anxiety for 2-3 weeks, however, from time to time, a child might take longer than 3 weeks to adjust to a new school setting.

While our experienced teachers are doing their best to reduce your child’s separation anxiety, here are some tips for you to help ensure a successful adjustment to school that we’ve found while researching.

1. Start counting down the days on a calendar two or three weeks before school starts so that your child will anticipate the start of school each day with excitement.

2. Learn about the structure of what typical day in your child’s school day look like. Play ‘pretend school’ with your child, taking turns being the teacher and student.

3. Always say goodbye to your child and reassure your child that you will always return to school at the end of the school day.

4. For parents: “Confront the problem head-on. The best way to cope with preschool separation anxiety is to just deal with it. The reality is, that within minutes of the child’s parents’ exit, most children happily settle down and forget what all the fuss was about. And within days, the tearful goodbyes end. This is something the child and parent must work through the right way together.”

5. Never let your child see you sweat. Smile, talk about how much fun he/she’s going to have. Keep your attitude positive and affirming.

6. Avoid being late to pick up your child to make sure your child doesn’t get distressed while having to wait.

7. Be prepared for regression. Just when you think you finally have preschool separation under control, along comes a school vacation or an illness that keeps your child home for a couple of days, it’s back again. This is normal, and while upsetting, it’s going to last a day or two, and the child should go back to his/her cheerful self at drop-off time quickly.

8. At times children have a delayed reaction to separation. At first they seem unaffected by the separation. Then, after some time at school, they might begin to cry. This is normal behavior and can be dealt with in the same manner as your initial separation.

We understand that going through separation anxiety and watching your child sobbing behind you are very hard. Please remember that school staffs are always here to help and listen to you, and are willing to get involved.

So, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

We hope you and your child have a wonderful preschool experience with MNS!