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Some tips to reduce separation anxiety in young children:

  • Explain to your child what will happen during their day. E.g., “Today you are going to have fun with your friends and play in the big sand pit!”

  • Keep drop-offs short and sweet. Hand over to a teacher, who will hopefully distract your child and get them engaged in a fun activity.

  • Don’t prolong goodbyes! As hard as it is to leave your little one while they are upset, a drawn-out goodbye makes it far worse for EVERYONE!

  • Have a transition toy for your child. It helps them to settle.

  • Project confidence. Try to remain calm and relaxed.

  • If you are feeling anxious it is important to not show this to your child.

  • Don’t sneak away without saying goodbye.

  • Have faith in the staff. They deal with kids all day every day and they know what to do. They will distract and soothe your child if they are initially upset.

  • Try and keep to the same routine for the first few weeks.